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A place I will never forget.

Nagalapuram Hills in Andhra Pradesh.

A home away from home. Never was I so well-versed with any terrain that I found navigation in Nagala easier than the navigation in Tnagar.

Nagala blessed us with pristine water, purest of air, and the greenest of foliage. We have stayed there for days and slept there over moonlit nights. Never was a place so close to my heart. This is one place I long to go, whenever I need some solace.

For now, I am far far away from Nagala and I have a tender little kid to take care of. But when we are ready, we will come to Nagala as a family and get blessed.

Miss you, Nagala. 🙂 We will come soon.


Comments on: "Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh" (3)

  1. soon da .. very soon .. 🙂

  2. nice pic.. but..why do u have a “ad free blog” icon on your page?

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