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Crested Serpent Eagle

Forgive me for the quality. This is the best I could manage with limited time, light and equipment. I wish I could have carried the 150-500 but it would not have served the purpose when Valparai weather was so cloudy.

The bird pictured in
this image is a subspecies of crested serpent eagle – Spilornis cheela melanotis.

This medium-large, dark brown eagle is stocky, with rounded wings and a short tail. Its short black and white fan-shaped nuchal crest gives it a thick-necked appearance. The bare facial skin and feet are yellow. The underside is spotted with white and yellowish-brown. When perched the wing tips do not reach until the tail tip. In soaring flight, the broad and paddle-shaped wings are held in a shallow V. The tail and underside of the flight feathers are black with broad white bars.


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